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Culture This is the place to report bugs that you find within League of Legends. Something that occurs within the Client, patching related issues, or anything that involves gameplay (stuns not working, unintended interactions between abilities, vision issues, etc. ) should be posted here!

Dec 15, 2014  [RESOLVED LoL install stuck at 260Mb and freezes pc. 1 2. Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it. Cr1ticalstrike Junior Member. So after a clean install of Windows 7 I tried to reinstall League of Legends. But now it keeps getting stuck at 260mb and 0kbps. I've read that that is the point where the

Jun 11, 2012 I also keep freezing in game. . ITS SO ANNOYING, i also got DC'ed b4 a match started and it wasnt jsut me, it was the whole game. Please fix the game. Please fix the game. 1

Hey everyone, The first patch of the 2017 Season is finally here! Its been a while since weve tinkered with the game, but hopefully itll give us a chance to smooth out some of the edges.

Aug 29, 2016  Q: League of legends game is freezing after Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed. Original title: Laptop Freezing After Windows 10 Anniversary Update I was playing some League of Legends, so when I went in a game my computer would freeze at the load screen or a few seconds into the game. I have never had any